What follows is a small selection of the thank-you messages and notes of
appreciation from students we have tutored …………

“I am fascinated by your maths magic quizzes and intriguing questions.”
Amy, Student

“Thank you for helping me with my maths and being patient!”

Toby, Student

“I love your frequent use of the graphics calculator, GeoGebra. It improved my understanding of graphs at lot.”

Kiran, Student

“I have learnt a lot of maths from you and now I  enjoy doing maths. Thank you.”

Angel, Student

“Your tutoring service is not for the lazy people. You drove me made by the amount of work sometimes.”

Abdul, Student

“Thank you so much for helping my son through all his exams”

Saeed, Parent
“I loved the revision note and formulae booklets written by Mr Masood”
Mujtaba, Student

“You cannot beat Mr Masood. He does not just work for money. Teaching is his passion and his tutoring service is full of compassion”

Akmal Malik, Parent

“Thank you for working hard and helping my son over the past three years. I wish you the greatest success in your life”

Dr Sameera Janjua, Parent
“Great teacher, clear concepts with awesome tutoring techniques”
Nidhi G, Student