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Able Gifted And Talented Students

Able, Gifted and Talented (AGT) students are the pupils who have the potential to achieve a level substantially higher than the rest of their peers. IEL Tutors is a big name when it comes to teaching the AGT. Class teachers in most schools are unable to pay enough attention to the AGT students because students can be on a huge spectrum of ability and the all of the students in the class are not moving at the same pace as the AGT students. We offer the most appropriate and targeted teaching to the AGT students and keep them motivated and in high spirits and challenged at the right level. We can help students register for early GCSEs and other additional qualifications. We have an excellent track record of preparing pupils for taking early GCSE exams while they were in their year 7, 8, 9 or 10. All of our students who took early GCSEs passed in flying colours. Do get in touch for more information.

 Local Borough Councils & Schools

We can help Local Councils and parents when it comes to teaching the children who are being home-schooled. We can offer an invaluable service to those students. There can be a variety of reasons for some of the students to be out of the school. For example, some students cannot attend school as they find classrooms very stressful, others might be victims of bullying or anti-social behaviour, yet others might have personal reasons and yet again some might have learning difficulties and do not find the class-rooms interesting and therefore cannot carry on their studies at school.

Currently during the pandemic situation, we can teach them online in a stress free, bullying free and distraction free environment in the comfort of their own home. Sometimes parents trying to teach their children themselves may not have the full knowledge and experience of teaching national curriculum for Maths, English and Science. In such cases, our experienced tutors are here to help these children with their studies at affordable prices. We have tutored a few children for Maidenhead & Windsor Borough council in the past and we at IEL tutors will take great pleasure to offer our services to any of the local councils

11+ CEM Key Points

  • The 11+ exams are not compulsory and are used by grammar schools for selecting the best students for them. There is only one chance in a lifetime to take these exams in September when your child is in year 5.
  • Children are tested in Maths, English (Verbal Reasoning) and Non Verbal Reasoning tests for the CEM 11+ exams. These exams do not include any element of science.
  • You must register your child prior to the exams as you cannot take these exams without registering them with your intended school. Usually you can register your child during May-June every year.
  • We have an extensive experience of teaching 11+ CEM style courses.
  • As pupils preparing for 11+ exams can be on a huge spectrum of ability, therefore, we provide only 1-1 tuition for 11+ students.
  • We use maths resources written by the director and for Verbal and NonVerbal reasoning, we use Bond and CGP books. As we near the exams, we use practice papers designed for 11+ by different companies.
  • Preparation for the 11+ exam should ideally begin at the start of Year 4, which ensures that students have at least 2 years to practice the tests properly. It is essential for the students to prepare for their tests in time so that they feel comfortable working under timed conditions.
  • You may book, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 1.5 hours tuition sessions. These sessions may be delivered face to face or online.